Forign currency trading in germany

VAT and consumption tax or shall only exempt the assessment paid and the amount liable to tax. Goods that are declared at China’s customs for export. The export consists of self-support export and principal-agent exports. Goods that must financially go through export sales. Goods that have been collected and have been written-off. To check the export rebate rate, we would need the HS code for the product, please send. VAT refund notification issued by competent Chinese Taxation Authority.

If you have the document, will you care to mail me at my emails ID? Please provide HS code for the products to check tax rebate rate. Where can I find the export tax rebate for meshes? Thank you in advance for your answer! To inquiry the tax rebate rate, please provide 10 digit HS code, your HS code is too generic. Hello sir this is harish sharma from india .

I am planning to open a trading company with my chinese friend in jieyang city for trading of pvc footwear . We don’t endorse the service at the following company, however, they seems have a complete introduction on documents and fees to set up WFOE in China with export license. Please can you advise what is the export rebate available to Chinese exporter of A4 copier paper , HS CODE 4802. Please consult your supplier for correct HS code they use to declare at customs. The system shows your HS code is incorrect.

I get back the refund of export tax paid by me or the agent or the supplier. The export refund is given to chinese exportor, to refund the VAT they have paid. Please advise on the official web site link to get information on export rebates HS code wise . Below is a website from government that you can check export rebate. TO THIS TOTAL AMOUNT I’LL ADD FREIGHT COST TO DOCK. The tax refund rate is related with after-tax RMB price. The tax refund rate for that is 13.

I can get 1 million x 0. I can only get 888RMB per ton tax refund from the government. So you know that tax refund is not related with USD price quoted, it is related with the VAT tax we have paid in China. Dear Steven, I want to ask something related with this, what happen with the VAT? Hi, can u please tell about export rebate on Polyester Staple Fibre H.

76042920 on tax refund system, please double check if it is correct HS code. Only mainland Chinese export companies are qualified to apply for tax refund. Hongkong is a part of China, but for Hongkong company, you can’t get tax refund, you can basically see Hongkong companies as a foreign companies. No you can’t, it is like you can’t register a Taiwan company, an Indian company or a US company as export company inside China. However, you can set up a WFOE in China with export license, in that case, you can get tax refund. We are exporting 210 motocycles from the factory in Guangzhou.