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ACE Cash Express ACE Cash Express is a national payday lender with physical store fronts in many states. 2014: CFPB Consent Order: ACE and debt collectors engaged in illegal debt collection tactics including misleading consumers about fees, excessive calls, calls to known wrong numbers and telling third parties about the consumers’ financial affairs. CFPB Consent Order: American Express Centurion Bank made false representations to consumers about bonuses on credit card, settlement of credit card debts, charged excessive late fees and illegally discriminated against younger consumers. 8 million in fines and repay money to consumers.

Palisades Collections, LLC are subsidiaries of Asta Funding, a publicly traded company. New York A-G action: Asta filed suits past the statute of limitations and obtained judgment in New York. FIA Card Services Bank of America is a national bank, subject to OCC regulation. 1 million in actual damages to a California couple. BoA illegally foreclosed on their house in violation of the automatic bankruptcy stay, took more than 6 months to rescind the illegal foreclosure, then failed to tell the couple about the rescission. 30 million by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The OCC found that BoA violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and filed affidavits executed by its employees which claimed to be made on personal knowledge, or on a review of books and records, when they were not based on any such knowledge or review.

2014: CFPB Consent Order: The CFPB found that BoA had engage in deceptive marketing of credit card add-on products. 727 million in consumer relief by the CFPB. 25 million for the same actions. 32 million to settle a class action alleging that it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by making autodialed and pre-recorded debt collection calls and texts to cell phones.

Bridgepoint ran two for profit colleges and made private loans to students at those colleges. 25 per month, in order to induce them to borrow from Bridgepoint. Bank of America official and CACH’s own employees. 250,000 punitive damages jury verdict against a Collect America affiliated law firm was upheld on appeal. The firm had sued on statute barred debt after Collect America incorrectly told them that the statute of limitation had been tolled due to a payment by the consumer. 2008: Nevada A-G action: A law firm working on behalf of CACH was ordered to cease and desist from collecting debts in Nevada for failure to be licensed, either to collect debts or practice law, within the state. Zenner Law Firm, was publicly reprimanded by the South Carolina Bar for misconduct by his debt collector employees.